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How Energy Star® Windows Save Money & Help the Environment


Advanced Home Energy Solutions offers Energy Star® certified windows, so that you can help protect the environment while keeping your energy costs low.

So what is Energy Star®, and why is it important?


In order for a product to earn the Energy Star® label, it must be put through a number of tests to find out how well it saves energy.  Products are also tested to find out how well they keep greenhouse gases from being put into the air.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict guidelines for the Energy Star® program to ensure that all products carrying this label meet the highest standards of efficiency.

Choosing Energy Star® products over products that do not carry the label can save a household nearly $600 on energy bills each year. These are serious savings when you consider that the average household spends roughly $1,900 each year just on energy alone.


How Energy Star® protects the environment

The average house can emit more than double the greenhouse gas emissions of the average car. Energy Star® windows are designed to keep your emissions low.


energy star windows

Every time you turn on your lights, run the dishwasher or crank up the air conditioner on that hot summer day, you use energy.  Which means that you’re contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing Energy Star® certified windows, you’ll effectively manage what the weather is doing outside from inside your home.


Energy Star® windows keep drafts and heat out, helping to maintain a more consistent temperature inside your home. This means that you’ll be adjusting your thermostat less and using less energy overall, keeping greenhouse gas emissions low and helping the environment.


Learn more about the benefits of Energy Star® windows


To learn more about how our Energy Star® certified windows can save you money on your energy bill while helping the environment, call us today at 225-255-1116.  You may also fill out the quick contact form to the right.  We can provide energy efficient windows as well as installation services for clients throughout Louisiana.




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